Jangan Laporkan Telefon Rosak

Telefon di rumah anda rosak? Dah laporkan pada Telekom? Sebelum buat apa-apa, sila pastikan yang anda sudah memeriksa bahawa tiada kerosakan fizikal pada talian dan telefon anda. Pinjam telefon jiran dan test samada talian berfungsi atau tidak. Jika masih sama, buatlah laporan dan dapatkan butiran technician yang akan datang ke rumah anda. Paling tidakpun, tanya mengenai tanda pengenalan kontraktor terbabit untuk memastikan dia adalah orang yang dihantar untuk membaiki kerosakan tersebut.

Tentu dah ada yang terbaca mengenai kisah seorang wanita berumur 54 tahun yang dirogol di hadapan suaminya yang lumpuh oleh seorang “technician”. Menakutkan …! Tidak cukup dengan itu wanita malang tersebut juga dipaksa untuk melakukan oral sex kepadanya. Baca kisah perogol gila seks ni:

Sumber: Malay Mail, 11/03/2010

Wife raped in front of paralysed spouse

-Wife forced to perform oral sex as husband watches in horror
Thursday, March 11th, 2010 14:24:00

KLANG: When a man came to their house in Jalan Abdul Samad, claiming to fix their faulty phone line, little did the paralysed husband foresee he would have to endure being helpless while his wife, 54, was raped and forced to perform oral sex on the ‘repairman’.

Even more shocking, the heartless suspect also forced the wife to perform oral sex on the paralysed husband! Police sources said the incident took place on March 8, about two weeks after the wife, who works as a supervisor in a carpet manufacturing factory, had lodged a complaint with Telekom Malaysia that her phone line was faulty.

So, when the ‘repairman’ — said to be in his 40s — arrived at about 9.30pm and claimed that he was sent by his supervisor to check on the couple’s telephone line as had been reported, he was allowed into the couple’s home without any fuss.

Once inside, the suspect apparently pulled out a knife and forced the couple into their bedroom.

They were then locked in and the suspect threatened to harm the paralysed husband unless the woman took off her clothes.

The suspect demanded the woman to perform oral sex on him and the helpless husband was then forced to watch as his wife was raped by the suspect.

Police confirmed the woman was raped once and also forced to perform oral sex on the suspect.

After these sadistic acts, the police source said the suspect left on a motorcycle and also took RM50 from the couple.

“How the suspect knew about the telephone line fault is still a mystery. Maybe he guessed it right but we are looking into this case closely and will investigate further,” said the police source.

Soon after the incident, the woman lodged a police report at a nearby police station. The police are still waiting to do a photofit of the suspect as the woman is still traumatised.

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